Our Partners

United Musculoskeletal Partners is built upon a physician-first philosophy that guides every aspect of our approach to financial growth, strategic planning, and patient care.

We Build National Leaders in MSK Healthcare

United Musculoskeletal Partners helps your MSK practice grow by increasing your access to vital resources. We procure materials, services, software, and more for over 404 providers and 56 locations. Our operational scale and national reach have built our reputation for negotiating better contracts that boost healthcare providers to the next level.

Physician-First Partnership

Our top priority is helping physicians provide the highest quality care to their communities. We do this by providing needed resources to support and grow your practice. Our model is built on a physician-partnership foundation. Our physicians retain control with clinical governance, compensation structures and equity shares.
a doctor checking a patient's pulse

Our Team Drives Growth

Discover how we give physicians the chance to grow their practices with targeted strategies. We create strategic, growth plans to leverage opportunities in each market.

The Best and Brightest, Working for You

Our results-driven team is focused on helping physician-led companies with business development, recruitment, and expansion. Our leadership has has a proven track record of success.