United Musculoskeletal Partners


We are building the most elite, physician-owned management services company, dedicated to excellence in musculoskeletal care.  Our sole focus is linking top-notch physicians together in an innovative platform focused on growth and quality patient care.  

How We Build Value

Organic Growth Drivers

  • Ancillary Service Line Growth - expertise to optimize Rehab, MRI, DME and other service lines.

  • Access to Capital - ability to grow the practice footprint and utilize the latest technology for the care.

  • Business Development - expert team to identify and add partnerships with other like-minded physician groups.

  • Procurement - streamline costs and efficiencies across the platform including vendor contracting and materials management.

World Class Management Services

  • Business Analytics and Financial Reporting - state of the art analytical capabilities for financial and operational reporting.

  • Compliance and Legal - expertise on internal and external risks and liabilities

  • Alternative and Value-Based Payment Models - successful track record with multiple commercial and government alternative and value-based payment models.

How We Are Different

Autonomy Over What Matters

Physician practices maintain culture and reputation, sole authority over all clinical decision making, maintain compensation formulas, keep practice leadership.

Partnership With Proven Results

Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe has deep experience and successful track record of building companies in partnership with physicians.

Leadership With Solid Experience

Our executive leadership team is entrepreneurial minded and results driven.

Operational Footprint


Number of Providers


Clinic Locations


Rehabilitation Clinics


MRI Locations

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